Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Calling all pink lovers out there, Fujitsu is going pink with their newest laptop and I think it’s going to make some girly girl happy. It weighs only 2.63pounds and has a 9 hour battery live so you can chat with you friends or do your homework, all together on your pink lappy without a fuss. The screen is only 10.6 inches, it’s no biggy if you’re not really using it for graphics or for work. It’s useful to carry around and showing it off to your friends while you check out what Paris’ new dig is in the cell. :P

You can get one from $1599 - $2000, depending on what you want in there. The basics would probably include 1Gg of Ram and 60Gig of space to start you off.

Source: Japanese Gadgets

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